Anupreet & Harpreet | Winter Engagement Shoot

The task at hand...

"Through this photoshoot - We want you to capture our love, our relationship and our happiness at this stage in our journey as a couple. We want these pictures to be a commemoration of us, something to look back on once we are old and grey. We latched on to the idea of doing a winter photoshoot just because it is a beautiful season, we both love winter, a lot of our first big memories and big moments together happened in our first winter together."

So we met, and planned out a full winter day of activities for the shoot on a semi-warm day. Started in Leva to meet for a hot drink, made our way to Hawrelak Park for some outdoor skating, outfit change, fancy portraits in my new favorite secret spot, then spontaneously finished off on Whyte Ave in an alley we all passed by frequently with colored grounds and string lights.

My first winter engagement shoot with these two made me want to bear the cold more often to document people in love. Congratulations Anupreet + Harpreet, you guys are so sweet and fun together and I had an amazing time capturing your relationship.

Thank you to my girlfriend Sunny and Harpreet's sister, Gurpreet, for assisting with this shoot!