Kayla & Sachin - Dog Park Engagement Shoot

I always tell my couples that engagement shoots are not only great for getting some beautiful and cute photos of yourselves leading up to the wedding but also to get to know one another and get used to being in front of my camera before the big day.

Kayla & Sachin opted for a casual, candid session with their dog Barney which I absolutely loved. No extravagant poses or dramatic lighting, just a nice summer evening spent walking through Laurier Dog Park capturing something they did on the regular.

Thank you to my wonderful girlfriend Sunny for assisting with this shoot. We had such a great time (being dog lovers ourselves) wandering through the park paths, finding some unique trails, and photographing the love between two super fun people. Please enjoy some of my favourites from Kayla & Sachin’s engagement set.

Enjoy the photos here!

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Summer Days - 35mm Film

Some personal shots taken on my Canon AF35M over the past few weeks. 

Having a lot of fun shooting film so far. It's true what they say about it making you have to stop and really think about what you want to capture. What to include in the frame, what to omit, how the colors will work together, and how to shape the shot.

Also seeing the limitations of a point and shoot pretty quickly now as I missed focus a lot since the autofocus system is a bit unreliable and the "pre-focus" knob really isn't all that practical to use. Might be picking up an SLR in the very near future to try my hand at it! 

Charlene & Robert | Summertime Engagement Shoot

With wedding season approaching comes engagement sessions as well and Charlene and Robert were so lovely to work with!

Leva cafe, old neighborhoods, and a stroll through Emily Murphy Park was the gameplan and they executed it flawlessly with their love and laughter leading the way. Robert proposed to Charlene in Germany on a hike with a handmade wooden ring he made in secrecy, pretty romantic if you ask me!

With the wedding coming up in August, I can't wait to get another chance to have these two in front of my camera together again.