Summer Days - 35mm Film

Some personal shots taken on my Canon AF35M over the past few weeks. 

Having a lot of fun shooting film so far. It's true what they say about it making you have to stop and really think about what you want to capture. What to include in the frame, what to omit, how the colors will work together, and how to shape the shot.

Also seeing the limitations of a point and shoot pretty quickly now as I missed focus a lot since the autofocus system is a bit unreliable and the "pre-focus" knob really isn't all that practical to use. Might be picking up an SLR in the very near future to try my hand at it! 

Melissa & Tim - Springtime Engagement Shoot

Melissa and Tim reached out to me back in the fall of 2017 inquiring about an engagement shoot but there was a catch...they really wanted cherry blossoms.

So began the hunt for pink blossoms in Edmonton. It's a small window here but we do get them for about a week between May 18-25 depending on the year so after weeks of back and forth, a few scattered days of location scouting and keeping an eye out for the blossoms, the shoot was finally set to happen!

Everything went according to plan except for "The End of the World" sunset location being replaced due to peace officers blocking off the well-known spot. It was a blessing in disguise as there were a ton of people waiting to get there anyways and we wouldn't have had the flexibility or space to shoot what we wanted. We shook off the minor inconvenience and raced over to a more hidden yet arguably even better river valley sunset viewpoint where I captured the two enjoying the view, swing dancing at dusk, and flipping through photobooks of their relationship to end the evening.

Melissa and Tim's love radiated into my camera throughout the entire shoot. They're so clearly in love and it wasn't hard to capture them embracing intimately or making each other laugh and smile the whole evening. Thank you Melissa and Tim for making my job easy and I'm so excited for you guys to tie the knot back in California soon (they were both raised and initially met there in school!)

Lastly, thank you to my beautiful girlfriend Sunny for assisting with the shoot and making all our lives a whole lot easier.

Enjoy the photoset!

35mm Film Shots from Toronto

Scans from my trip to Toronto are in and I'm stoked! Here are some of my favorites (okay the first 3 shots are from Edmonton as I was testing out the camera). All shot with my Canon AF35M point and shoot that I thrifted for $8 on Fujicolor 200 35mm film (36exp).

Mistakes and more mistakes but that's how we learn and I couldn't be more excited to just be in the process of creating.